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Equity Escrow simplifies and optimizes the seller financing process, making it easier for clients to manage their monthly payments with detailed payment management.

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Servicing Accounts in a Timely Professional Manner Since 1969

Equity Escrow Company specializes in exceptional Seller Financing Services as an independent third party for real estate contract servicing. We handle the intricate details of collecting your monthly payment, alleviating the administrative burden, and fostering a sense of security and transparency in your financial transactions. With Equity Escrow, focus on your real estate goals while we ensure a seamless experience.

Our Service

We issue a comprehensive Lender/Borrower statement for each payment made, delineating the precise allocation of principal and interest, Year-to-Date (YTD) interest, previous year's interest, and an invoice for the upcoming payment.

Additionally, we provide:

Our services are included in the predetermined fee, ensuring transparency and no additional charges.

Enjoy the convenience of direct deposit for seamless and quick payment processing.

Get detailed statements at the end of each year, providing a comprehensive overview of your mortgage information.

We offer reliable verification of your mortgage upon request, ensuring accuracy and trustworthiness.

Our team promptly generates accurate payoff statements to facilitate efficient transactions.

Easily access a detailed payment history upon request.

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